Lil Spill

May 11, 2016

Calendar shoot for 2017 starts Monday. OH GOD it’s already taking up way too much time. Every year Lee wants to make it a very stylistic , original shoot. ” Dude these aren’t real models and we don’t even know which ones are truly photogenic.” This year I will just go along. Try to help out when I am needed but I know it will fall apart when the girls can’t do exactly what he wants. I guess I will make sure I have alcohol in my coffee for two days so I can make it through.

Busy busy day today. Daniel has taken some weird vacation. Really another vacation ? And you just moved into a new swanky sky rise apartment? I am sure the staff is still annoying him while on this impromptu get away. Good that makes me happy .

I went to acupuncture today. ” I have no energy. ”  I do not feel like I have any more energy after the 20 needles. I even got 2 b shots the other day. Who knows if any of this is working but I figure it can’t hurt and if I have faith it will work then I might as well try it.


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You should charge admission to the shoot and charge $50 for body shots.