Lil Spill

May 12, 2016

” NINJA stop sending me bikini butt pictures!” Monday starts our 2017 calendar photoshoot. ” Ninja you were already picked, I have seen your butt!.

This is funny now but not funny then. My gyno wanted me to get a biopsy and a few ultrasounds to make sure everything was fine. I went to the hospital for my two ultrasounds and Ninja’s mother was the receptionist. ” Oh you are my daughter’s boss. I am so excited that she made the calendar.” In my mind I am thinking, I can’t believe I am getting checked for cancer and I am now talking about Ninja and the damn Calendar.  Then I started thinking, Oh god will Ninja know if I have cancer before I do. ” Oh GOD .  No worries, all test came out perfectly, NO CANCER. But I did find out that I am one of those freaky women who may be able to have children until 60. I have 1 great kid. I am content with that!

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