Lil Spill

May 11, 2016

IMG_7449I have no energy. ” Well Lil you obviously need B shots in your butt and acupuncture. ”  OK I did it so when does the energy come?

Calendar shoot for 2017 bikini calendar starts Monday in Vegas, I would say I am excited but Lee has all these highly stylized ideas for shots that I just know in my heart will be super hard to do with non models. OK let’s do it. I will definitely be sneaking some bailey’s into my coffee to get through those two days. 20 girls plus Lee .  As I learned today in the chinese acupuncture methodology, you can’t take from your savings account of energy and vitality and keep loaning to your checking account of energy and vitality or you will be empty.  So I will borrow from Lee’s account and sit back!

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