Lil Spill

January 7, 2016

Finally a day without HR calling me! I know,  don’t jinx it. Trying to get all these trips organized. Pushing back the NYC anniversary till March because we are auctioning a Harley for charity. Jeremy our t-shirt guy did me a favor. He put together a new shirt with a one day turn around. I had a phrase trademarked and we will unveil it soon on some t shirts. Boom! Big next few weeks. Meeting with potential Licensees from all over the world. Cool. I am ready for a big 2016

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Lil: I looked up the new trademark, I won't spoil your thunder, but I like it. Dave


Ben: I tend to disagree with you, AC NJ is a dying community. They have had several casino's go bankrupt in the past few years all relating primarily to gambling opening up in surrounding states. If I were Lil, I wouldn't even waste time on a market study with about half of the casino's mothballed as of this point. Just my humble opinion. That said, I go there once a year in August and suggest you try Angeloni's. A great Italian place that has some off the wine list wines if you ask - pricing is also quite reasonable. Dave


It would be great to see a Coyote open in Atlantic City, NJ. Something to consider perhaps? There is currently no bar in that area with a similar theme.