Lil Spill

January 1, 2016

Wow! Most of the bars beat last year’s NYE numbers . Nashville trounced everyone and San Diego did ten grand better then my expectation ! Bam bam bam ! Woke up thinking ” this is my year 2016! ” so so pleased . A shout out to Tommy for keeping me in the loop with bar numbers since my app was not working .

Heading to the SD bar to have a beer with Mac this morning . Nothing better then  going for a run then drinking a beer! My kid is 16. He had more party opportunities then I did . Too many years in the bar business . I have no big need for a Party on NYE, peace on earth and good will toward men . My hope

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I had a blast in the New Orleans bar as usual. Happy New Year to all.

Doc Woolley

It was pretty crazy in San Diego last night but everybody, myself included, had a great time. My first time at the upstairs bar! Great fun.