Lil Spill

January 12, 2016

Signed Wales yesterday . Super excited to go there in the next few months . I had Jeremy make  t shirts that read Wales underneath the Coyote Ugly logo. I gave Steve , our new licensee,  the t shirts as a present . He was so excited he posted a picture on Facebook of the t shirts . These were the messages ” dude you spelled Coyote wrong “. I was going to kill Jeremy . How fucking embarrassing . 9 years making our shirts . WTF? How on god’s green earth do you spell our name wrong ? And I am the dumbass who didn’t even check . Another story for my memoirs

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Perhaps in this forum we should all postulate on exactly how coyote was miss spelled. My guess is Jeremy spelled it Bush Wolf Bar. Which to me is perfectly acceptable slang and Jeremy should be praised for his creativity.


I agree Michael, anytime Bourbon is involved shit happens. Especially at Coyote.


Hello Darlin', happy new year.


Dave that sounds like an occupational hazard.


That's what happens when ypu make shirts after too many shots of Bourbon.