Lil Spill

January 5, 2016

” Lil I know it’s early but I need to talk to you.” I heard this from Chantel both yesterday and today about HR issues. When does the madness end. I think I had to speak with Daniel twice today. Daniel and I  just answer the phone with a ” It’s an incredible day. Best day of my life. And You? ”

On a good note. the company crushed all other years on NYE gross sales nation wide. BOOM! I told everybody my sabbatical is officially over. Back to work. We have some bars to open. Lee will blame me and I will blame him but between the two of us we fucked up the 2016 calendar so we are releasing a best of calendar for 2016.

A lot of irons in the fire this year. Good . It keeps me on my toes

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Stuart Reekie

I wondered why there was a calendar shaped hole on my bedroom wall..... Best of?? Some suggestions (trying to get balance of bars vs. years). Jan. Janice - NY (2010), Feb. Chastity - Memphis (2009), Mar. Kalei - Denver (Dec. 2009), Apr. Jessie - PCB (2008), May. Elle - NY (2009), Jun. Dani - Austin (Nov.2012), Jul. - Jenn - Nashville (2007), Aug. Tiffany - San Antonio (2012), Sept. Chandler - Las Vegas (2014), Oct. Jelvis - Denver (2010), Nov. Andrei - Key West (2014), Dec. Ashley + Allie - San Diego (2015) In NY celebrating the anniversary at the end of the month.... won't make March, but best wishes for the auction. Quite fancy a Harley..... maybe put in a telephone bid!!. Onwards and upwards!