Lil Spill

December 28, 2015

So you are asking 5 days before New Years Eve to do radio advertising ? What a fucking day . So stressful.  We work so hard for the managers to do marketing in a correct way but yet they don’t . Lee has made a whole binder full of examples on how and when to do marketing for various promotions . I am sick .

mac and I are thinking of having the San Diego anniversary party on Valentine’s Day. Could be awesome . Traditionally it’s not a great day for us . The envisioned conversations ;

Lee: ” Lil it’s Valentines I would like to take my wife out”

Daniel ; ” my girlfriend won’t care. Do it when you want ”

hmmm lol

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Perhaps my math is faulty, but isn't the 28th only three days from New Years Eve. That said, I will be at a Coyote New Years Eve party even carting in some bubbly for the occasion. Happy New Year Lil.