Lil Spill

November 18, 2015

11202095_10200869292052365_5299187162811015824_n “When Daniel Huckaby Is in town and my phone is left unattended I’m apparently pregnant….” written by Carla ( New Orleans bartender)

I saw this on Facebook written by one of my girls in New Orleans about Daniel the Director of Operations of Coyote Ugly. He goes to the bars and if he sees any cell phones unattended he hacks them and posts on the owner’s Facebook page that they are pregnant ( for a woman) . Get creative. If you are going to impersonate someone write something good. ” It was a really hard decision but my first porn is set to film today ” Pounding Miss Daisy.” or maybe a completely different direction. ” I fell in love with this wonderful man and tomorrow I will become his fourth wife.” or ” I am finally doing something important in my life. I am moving to Romania and working with orphans.”

The key to this is the families. A cool mom and dad will see the false Facebook post and comment ” I see that Daniel hacked your phone again.”  Because Daniel’s posts are predictable. But if he goes outside the box can you imagine the responses. ” Honey this is your mom please don’t do Pounding Miss Daisy” or ” Honey why didn’t you tell me you were moving to Romania?”

As the CEO of Coyote Ugly I do not concur with Daniel playing pranks and in a court of law I will say that exact thing!!

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I know both parties in the post. I am sure it was all in good fun.


I can say this has happened to me Liliana. It is all in good fun tho, Mr. Huckaby means no harm about it. I do understand your stand point tho. To someone who doesnt understand our disfunctional loving family, it can be interpreted wrong.


I know not about that.


He also does updates about pooping one's pants.


If this is the Daniel that I know, he has done similar stuff to customers.