Lil Spill

November 17, 2015

So Charlie Sheen is HIV positive. I do not wish that on anyone and I can only imagine that there is no worse way to face your demons then knowing your actions were a precursor to contracting this.

Was it the drugs or the hookers that infected him? And he’s still having ” Protected sex” with hookers. What’s the wager that Charlie Sheen outlives all the young girls he has been playing house with over the years? Hopefully he is telling the truth and has not infected anyone. If ” survival of the fittest applies , how do these aging drugged out  actors and rock stars out live everyone? I may stub my toe tomorrow and create a chain of events in my body that leads to an aneurism that kills me. But no00,  Charlie Sheen ,who has HIV,  will drink and drug it up his whole life and die in his 90s.  Regardless it’s a sad thing to happen to anyone.

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