Lil Spill

November 16, 2015

“New Orleans Saints fire Rob Ryan defensive coordinator.”  I am sorry but what the Fuck was Rob Ryan going to do with a defense of all Rookies? They gave away all their players to pay for Drew Bree’s contract. Drew Brees is an incredible quarterback but one player doesn’t make the team. They fire Ryan when it’s the big wigs who ruined the team. That’s football.

Ok back to Coyote Ugly. Go  online and look at some of the Coyotes from Russia and the Ukraine. Hot damn they are drop dead gorgeous.

New Orleans and Memphis are killing me today. Not too pleased with the weekend numbers for NY either.

I love female empowerment and I loved that Rousey was becoming an MMA icon but I am not unhappy that she was dethroned. A little humility goes a long way. There is a lesson in life that when you think you are the best there is always someone better. I hope for Rousey that she comes out of this more humble and regain the title with honor . Honestly I thought Rousey would win but Mac said something about Holm pre fight that stuck with me. In my mind I thought ” go bet a couple hundred bucks on Holm” Why not? Damn I wish I had.

A lot going on yet today was so quiet. Quiet before the storm.

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