Lil Spill

November 24, 2015

New Orleans wants to do a  charity event for the MUFF Foundation? That is what I read without my glasses. After going through the various scenarios in my head ” Cervical Cancer”? ” Lesbian battered women”? ” Scarves for the homeless”? I put on my glasses. New Orleans bar is hosting a charity event for The MJFF Michael J Fox Foundation. OH . Matthew the AM was hysterical laughing.

I love bonus time. I love how great it is for so many hard working managers and shift leads to get their bonuses.

Justin sent the corporate staff a really nice Thanksgiving note. Something about kindness that is infectious. I think my heart grew three sizes today. ( yeah I know it’s just my bra size)

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Yet another change in plans. I will likely be flying in at about 6 on Sunday and will be in during the evening festivities.


Sorry, change of plans, I likely will not be there. Dave


I plan to go to the MUFF fundraiser. Flying in just to say hi to the staff and support a worthy cause.