Lil Spill

October 8, 2015

How would you describe your business? If it was a work of art, music etc what piece would it be?( question from franchise entertainment magazine)  Coyote Ugly would be a Jalepeno Popper. When you eat one it’s spicy and your mouth is tingling but you keep eating them and you drink beer while you are eating them. You can’t stop yourself. Might not be a Dali or a Beethoven but I love me some Poppers!!

San Antonio starting to come back alive. Heading to Los Angeles tomorrow to revisit a spot I liked. Heading to San Antonio Sunday for a quick trip. Work is gearing back up.

I am about to watch a documentary called ” Finder’s Keepers”. A man losing his foot in an airplane crash. This other man buys a grill at auction when he comes home he finds the foot in the inside of the grill. They start fighting over who owns the foot. It becomes a media sensation. So wacky I have to watch it.

My gratitude tonight is to my son , his dad and me. I went to open house night at his high school and met all of his teachers. Incredibly honoring to hear so many nice things about your child. He is such a good human being.I know I am not mother Theresa and his dad is not getting nominated for Good Samaritan of the year award but we seem to have raised a good kid.

Next gratitude is to my sister. After we lost our mom she took my mom’s dog in. “Liliana please take this fucking dog.” Nope . The dog was recently diagnosed with  dementia and he has to be put  down. I know that it will be hard for her not necessarily because she loved the dog but because my mom loved the dog. ” Coco you had a good run. Mom and dad are waiting for you in the after life.”

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