Lil Spill

October 1, 2015

IMG_6341Lee is fighting hard for Reno. Right now the lease isn’t signable. we will see what happens. Bam Ft Worth starting to roll forward. Justin is heading our booth in Birmingham England today. He has quite a few international companies interested in Licensing. the work world is good. And hot damn I passed my written California driver’s exam!

Personal life sucks but business is awesome!

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Becky Carpenter

Great to meet Justin yesterday in Birmingham. Looking forward to talking further very soon about setting up here in the UK. It will be a huge success we'll make sure of it.....


U should totally open a place in Indianapolis Indiana I will be ur first employee!!! I went to coyote ugly in pcb for the first time ever and I loved it!!! The girls were awesome and it was my type of atmosphere I told my mom I wish there was one in indy cause I would totally work there!!!!!


South Street in Philadelphia would be a great location.