Lil Spill

October 5, 2015

Finally the Saints won!!!. And to beat Daniel’s team made it all sweeter!

So yesterday I did my first triathlon sine the half ironman in New Orleans ( April). God I am out of shape. As per usual I came in close to last. I finished but I struggled on the run. I didn’t tell my coach I had signed up because I didn’t want to hear his shit or feel bad if I backed out. Regardless he was at the finish line when I finished. ” Liliana what were your goals today and did you achieve them?” You honestly want to know my goals?    1. to finish , Yes accomplished  and 2. Pass really heavy people, yes accomplished. I know that sounds horrible. But so many people pass me that I would see a heavy set person and make it a goal to pass them. ( by the way heavy set people are not bad cyclists). This morning I woke up tired and I decided to change it up and sign up for yoga. I went to the yoga class and a guy was there.

Guy: ” oh I love yoga. I get so much out of it.”

Me:  ” which girl got you to join?”

Guy: ” No I do it for me”

Me: ” Repeat, which girl got you to join.”

Guy: ” Fine,  it was a group of girls that my friend and I saw coming to the class . So we decided to join. By the way,   tight white yoga pants become see through when you sweat.”

LMAO. So funny. By the way yoga today was harder then the triathlon.

Bars did alright this weekend. Starting to get in the architectural possibilities for the new Ft Worth spot!!! Exciting! Justin saw the space in Wales that might get signed. So fun. ” Universe I want a Coyote Ugly in Wales!” Done. Ask and you shall receive.

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Congrats on the signing in Ft. Worth, that should be another amazing location. I hope the one works out in Wales, always wanted another reason to go to the UK. Cheers!!