Lil Spill

October 15, 2015

” Lil supposedly someone slipped on sidewalk near NYC bar. They are suing us, store next door, city of NY and I am sure anyone else they could think of.” Let me guess when the insurance company does its due diligence , the person who is suing all of us will have been the plaintiff in about 100 other ridiculous lawsuits ? Hmmm but don’t worry the insurance company will settle just to save time and money . It’s sickening .

Nashville bar isn’t just beating everyone they are crushing all the bars. So many years the San Antonio bar was on top. Marsha get ready to get back in the game !!!

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Liliana Lovell

It won't go to court the insurance company will settle regardless of whether it is a reasonable claim or not. that's how the system works.


I am good Mike, hope all is well with you, I hear Trump is getting secret service detail, perhaps they can resolve the tripping issue. Interestingly, I suspect that the property there is leased so if I were CU, I would just motion that the plaintiff doesn't have standing because CU isn't responsible for the maintenance issues but the landlord is the responsible party.

Mike Vito

Hi Lil, call Donald Trump he can handle the situation. If Trump can't help, call Gino the local street mob boss will handle the situation. If all fails give the guy a lifetime of free drinks at Coyote Ugly, they will drop the law suit. Any more assistants please feel free to contact me as needed. I think I will go to Coyote tonite have not been there in a awhile. Dave how goes it brother. Cheers


I am not taking sides but in my opinion nobody knows whether or not liability exists until the evidence is reviewed. I hope that the NYC bar isn't liable but am not going to make a judgement without seeing the facts.

joanne batilo

hi lil i am sorry to hear someone is suing the bar. just get the police report, the medical papers explaining injury and the report from the man. i f he is suing after the fact meaning after an un reasonable amount of time why don't you counter sue on one of the on court tv judgements like the people's court. just try to get evidence and i think you will win the case. i believe in you lil and i trust the workers of coyote ugly nyc. i really think you can't take this supposed victim seriously because it is possible that this could be blamed on the city not you.. good luck.