Lil Spill

September 18, 2015

Cross fingers signing a new lease in Texas tomorrow!!!  In regards to an alternate   project, Lee and I are checking out a couple of spots in Los Angeles. That would be a great project , not far from home.

I received a message this morning from Jackson’s school saying that the school had been put on Police Lockdown. I was starting to freak out until I found out that someone was calling and issuing threats so they locked down 8 schools in the district. When Jackson got home he said that the rumor around school was that some kids called it in to get out of classes. Over 17 that could be a terrorist act. Might even be jail time. Not smart.

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Megan de la hoz

Is it true they are currently building a coyote ugly here in Richmond Va?


I live a mile from your location and have remodeled it and my wife tended bar part time so we are needless to say quite familiar with area regulations and practices. Feel free to call should you have any questions nor concerns. Best of luck. Mark Linegar. Pronounced like vinegar. HAA


Where in Texas?


I would think that Canada would benefit from a location or two


Good luck on the new location.