Lil Spill

September 23, 2015

Ha!  My DNA results came back. My son is very proud of being part Italian ( his dad’s side). Low and behold who is also Italian! Lol. So tonight for fun I made an italian meal and we joked about ” Our People”. Kind of crazy that they match your DNA with people in their database. Who knew I have a  few cousins in Naples, Italy.? A ton of 3rd cousins that I recognized from my mom’s Colombian side. And wow the name Escobar came up. ” Jackson guess what ? We aren’t just related to Colombian coffee pickers but we have a 3rd/4th cousin with the last name Escobar. If your going to be Colombian then why not be distantly related to the biggest drug cartel leader in history.”

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Sherri McFadden

Lil, once you paid for the DNA kit did you have to pay again to the lab where it was sent to?