Lil Spill

September 16, 2015

“An Egyptian billionaire’s offer to buy an island for refugees is closer to becoming reality.” Interesting story.

So I went out with Mac last night . First we ate a pound of red meat which he chased with Macallan 18 year and I chased with a bottle of red wine. Then we went back to the Coyote and drank Sake bombs. This morning I received an email from Mac asking if I liked one of the auditioning girls from last night? Really? I woke up today with a note to myself to watch a documentary recommended by Mac on The Bush’s ( Yup George Bush’s family) masterminding the Kennedy assassination. LOL.

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Michael, I believe you are correct, there was a CNN release on that matter I believe in 2013.


I thought it was LBJ. Dallas might be a good location for a CU.