Lil Spill

September 13, 2015

My heart breaks for this woman. I did the Aloha Run this morning at Mission Bay Park. While I was running a woman was handing out flyers for her lost son. She was crying and most of the runners were just running past her.I stopped to look at the flyer because I could feel her terror. On my second loop I saw the police and life guards put up the crime scene tape. I knew that they had found the boy in the water. And from where they were stationed in the water I knew the boy was not alive. I am heart broken for their family. ( this says 11 am but the police definitely found him closer to 8- 8:30 am).

My gratitude tonight goes to my son and the happiness he has given me. The word Love isn’t big enough to explain what he does for me.

According to Justin the Toronto Trade show was So So. As Dora says in ” Nemo” Just keep swimming Just keep swimming . Shake enough hands. Talk the talk and things will happen.

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This is so said, my father used to tell me. "One day im going to die son and there is nothing else that you can do but remember me." Parents arent suppose to bury their kids we should be saying good-bye to them. My heart goes out to this woman. Im so sorry for her loss.