Lil Spill

August 10, 2015

Kylie Jenner gets Ferrari for 18th birthday! For those who are brewing with jealousy, just think about it. Money can’t buy you love! If Tyga really loved her and cared for her why not do something special since she can buy a car for herself.  Write her a song. He is supposedly a rapper. Do something truly heart felt. Those are my two cents.

Lilapalooza, my birthday celebration as my friend Leslie calls it,  might be in Sante Fe this year at some wine festival. Bam. It’s a month or so away but something to look forward to.

The shit going on with the employees lately is just horribly typical. Chantel has taken over Human Resources. ” Lil, so and so called to say that this manager was disrespectful to a customer. Lil,  so and so called to say that they really didn’t make out with another girl in the bathroom. So and So called and said that they really don’t have a bad attitude. So and so called and said they didn’t actually see the fight but they heard about it.” What is going on with this country ? If someone calls in sick every month saying that their almost new boob job hurts and the left and right boob aren’t the same size”, why can’t I say ” Hey you, I am sick of the boob job excuse . You are freaking fired!” Why when someone calls me and says ” Lil why was I passed up for the promotion ?,  can’t I say, ” You are not getting promoted because you whine more then a little girl and the thought of listening to it every week makes my skin crawl.”?

Obviously I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Even though,  knock on wood , the bars did awesome Saturday and Sunday! Bam even New Orleans pulling off a great Saturday. Not sure why all the americans marveling over Kylie’s new Ferrari doesn’t seem to bring me joy. Fuck the Ferrari. Get me a nice glass of wine ,  a beautiful sunset , and add on a back massage. That’s a little piece of heaven.

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I suggest adding good conversation to go with the wine.