Lil Spill

August 8, 2015

“Woman runs London Marathon without Tampon to raise awareness.” She lists two reasons for doing this. 1. To help woman who don’t have the financial means to get tampons or other feminine products . OK I can agree with that. I can’t imagine not having enough money to buy myself female hygiene products. That must be so scary for a young woman. And humiliating.

2. To destigmatize women when they have their periods.  I can’t lie I haven’t felt stigmatized by my period since high school. I could go to any of my bars and have one of my male managers get me a tampon. They are used to it. We even keep extra tampons at the bars.

But as much as I applaud this runner . So gross running a whole marathon just free bleeding.

Bars: only one bar did well last night, Nashville!!! Thanks Nashville

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Name. Damn auto correct.


Is her NE Flo?