Lil Spill

August 7, 2015

Bars that are on my shit list!!!! In Order

1. San Antonio 2. NYC 3. New Orleans

Wake up to this shit in San Antonio.  7 am I received a text ” Lil can we do a call about San Antonio

Yesterday was a day dealing with the bullshit happening in NYC

New Orleans is simply doing very poorly and I want them to revamp SOMETHING!!

Now I am in a bad mood.

Last night I went to the 4 year memorial for  Jon Tomlinson . He was a navy seal that was killed in a helicopter attack in Afghanistan. It was a small group of friends.  The group throwing this memorial  happened to all meet in a running group based out of SD. I was invited because I start the running group this Saturday. I am a tad scared after meeting some of these people. ” He ran for University of …, he just did a 100 miles in 24 hours, he holds the fastest time in …. ” I said to my triathlon coach Jim Vance ” why the hell am I joining this group? I am struggling at 2 miles right now?”  Don’t worry Lil, there are runners of all capacities.

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I will admit that I stopped at the NYC bar again last night, 8/8/15 and it was hopping. The music was mostly rock while I was there and the place was packed....lots of tourists too. Met some nice people. They just have to take all that teen pop music like Taylor Swift off the jukebox, along with the rap music.


They opened up a great rock n roll bar across the street from the NYC Coyote a few weeks ago. Most of us regulars finally got tired of hearing pop music on the jukebox, so we go there now. Damn, I miss the days the NYC coyote was all rock and country, bartenders were more wild and just fun. Now, there are just a bunch of smelly bike messengers that hang out there causing the bar to smell like a sweaty locker room. So sad. Lil, I think you need to make a trip up there yourself and shape everyone up. Run the bar the way you did back in 2005 and earlier.

Matt B.

This is something I wrote about 10 years ago when I was hanging out at Coyote Ugly in Charlotte NC about 3-4 times a week. Just wanted to share. A TRIBUTE TO UGLY As the full moon shines through the leaves on the trees, Momma rounds up her pack of Coyotes. The game plan is set, they're ready to fight, As they all prepare for a long hard night. They sling you your Jack, your Crown and your Beam, And slam one themselves or so it may seem. They dance and they shake it all night long, To Charlie Daniels or some ole' Bocephus song. You'll hoot and you'll holler and beg them for more, You'll drink your last dollar 'till you're layin' on the floor. They'll slice off your tie or take a whip to your ass, When it's all said and done you ask them to refill your shot glass. As soon as you thought you had just seen it all, Up on the wire goes another girls bra. Off in the distance you can hear a deep rumble, "Here come the boys" I heard someone mumble. The doors flew wide open as they drove in one by one, Mounted on their steel horses just tryin' to have some fun. With girls on the back the engines start roarin', The tires start spinnin' and the smoke starts pourin'. In movie star fashion as only he could, The best show of all was performed by Hollywood. A wave of amazement just covers the crowd, The bar across the street thinks we're being too loud. With mouths still wide open and everyone in awe, A scream from the back - "This is the best shit I ever saw!" Then Momma grabs the mic and lays down the law, It's time for a shot for one and for all. She tells you straight up don't stand there and pout, If you can't handle the scene just "Get the fuck out!" You just won't believe the sights that you'll see, On any given night at Coyote Ugly.


And to your shit list, I have been to all three bars in the past month, I can offer you suggestions if you like.


Lil, you should fly in for Monday at coyote Nola. I understand it's someone's birthday.

mike vito

Hi Lil, I knew Jon Tomlison, I taught him cross cultural communications. RIP Jon. We have lost so many brothers. Lil you need to chill on the running heavy duty, stop trying to be a running commando. I will send you a SEGWAY or Electric Wheel Chair to catch up to them. Love you.