Lil Spill

June 1, 2015

ars sucked this weekend My god NYC and San Antonio were horrific. Heading to OKC this week. I love the NY punk  theme for their party. Amber is so positive in her management style. She makes her own clothes and made an incredible jean vest. I wish I was handy. I truly love that about her.  Gratitude is to Amber today.

I need to go to the NY bar and de-corporate them. I think Tish needs some new staff that have regulars . I always hired and kept people according to how many people they brought in. These girls are working hard while at work but definitely not promoting new regulars to come in. And I am about to stop bodyshops all together there. Focus on good old fashioned customer service.

Back to the foot. It has continually  hurt since the half ironman and has been radiating pain all weekend. I made an appointment to go back to podiatrist on Wednesday to see if I tore a tendon.  A friend is going to Destin this weekend for a pirate festival. Perhaps check in on the Destin crew.

This is what aging looks like This picture illustrates aging in active people. Just rotate the body part that gets iced every month and you can get a glimpse of being old.

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I agree Frank. The numerous overbearing bouncers in such a small place make Coyote Ugly NYC feel more like a prison with wardens staring at you from all directions. No other dive bars in the entire city are like that. Things dramatically changed as soon as Jackie left. She kept the jukebox mostly country and rock, limited two security guys per night, and gave the patrons a sense of "anything goes" making it fun! I know I won't be back until it is the way it used to be (when Jackie was there).


Bring back the good old days when Coyote Ugly was the ultimate East Village dive bar... a dying breed.


As a regular of Coyote, I can tell you many times the music is played to either the taste of management or the bartenders, not the patrons. I suggest that if it is truly a customer driven music forum, then the music of customers rule. For example, no skipping of songs the bartenders don't like. As for the bartenders in NYC, it has been so long since I have been there, I don't have any current knowledge. But, I have read several posts in this forum about poor crowd control (overbearing security). In my opinion, security is there to keep people from getting hurt (staff and patrons), not to diminish from the weird/crazy shit that happens in Coyote from time to time. That crazy/weird stuff is what keeps me coming back. Not the music, nor the dancing, nor the drinks. I like that it is a bar with a hint of the wild west where anything goes.


You seriously need an all rock/jukebox at your NYC location. All of us regulars are now going to bars with better music that don't have 3 bouncers constantly bumping people out of the way. You don't need 3 bouncers at the same time in such a small place! Too intimidating, especially for newcomers.