Lil Spill

June 3, 2015

Duggars family; shocking that a family that has 19 kids is having dysfunction ! This is the best thing that happened to America . The show has tried to brainwash people into thinking this ultra Christian way of life is healthy . Guess what ? Having 19 kids is  the first sign they are freaking crazy and then expecting the little bible groups and the children raising children  to squelch human sexuality and deviance is again Crazy. Wonder how many other kids are copping  feels with their siblings in that family ? 19 kids and only 1 that has gone ASTRAY? Yeah right . Oh and the mother is against homosexuality.LMAO What’s the Vegas betting pool on how many of her kids are gay?

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Old Ugly Woman

Hm, the population of Gays is around 5 to 10% of the planet (I'm not including Bisexuals, this would of course exclude me ;0 ). If we use that general percentage on the Duggar offspring, we would have at least 1 gay member. Very far back in the closet, but likely there. As for this being the best thing to ever happen, that's wishful thinking on your part. Unfortunately, most people are very set in their political orientation because it affirms certain aspects of their life. It's generally an ego-driven problem. So hardly anyone will be changed by this affair. The Duggar girls will continue to live in their bubble. Perhaps a few will change their ways when they leave the house, most will not. The most effective way to make the world more like yourself is to have children (scientifically proven too). The Duggars get that, so that's what they did. But what do I know, I'm just a crazy old leftist. This is what happens when you read about economics for fun-you turn into a pompous ass. I should get 50 shades of grey in just to get me out of that mode I guess.


It appears that human anatomy is taught "hands on".


I'm sure they're all receiving a terrific education being home schooled.


Lil: I will bet the Vegas odd's are close to that given the American Pharaoh for the Belmont. Shots up. Dave


Ahh we have gotten onto the subject of the Duggars, in my opinion, those parent's delusional to think that he made a mistake and has grown out of it - since he is now over 18. Time is a continuum with infinite possibilities; the passage of a birthday changes not a person's integrity, or character. Character is reexamined and sometimes redefined after a heartfelt experience that causes one to internalize the errors of previous misguided actions. We all have made mistakes, so I am not judging the guy but I do think that his parents are now spinning this to protect their cash flow; and frankly (no pun intended) to the detriment of the younger females who were traumatized by the actions of their brother.