Lil Spill

May 25, 2015

” Ma’am let me get this straight . You drank too much , entered a pie eating contest and cried? Why would you cry if you got to eat pie?” Valid point . Valuable lesson . Don’t drink when you are grieving the loss of your parents .

On a good note , Memphis staff is awesome . A real family vibe. Girls are super good looking and fit! Finally a bar that has fit girls!

I apologize to everyone for being an Ass. Between my mother dying and eating pie I was an emotional wreck .

” go big or go home”. Well if I was going to have an emotional break down at least I had a huge one in front of staff and friends . The good news is that I was able to get the pie out of my hair with only one shampoo”.

Universe please give me a one day amnesia so I don’t have to remember yesterday

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Lil, nights like that just set the bar for the next endeavor. I wasn't there last night, but can honestly say we have all had things we would like to forget after a plethora of shots. A wise man once stated - this too shall pass.