Lil Spill

May 21, 2015

David Letterman’s last show was broadcast last night . He didn’t shed a tear but I cried the whole show. I remember being young and outraged when Dave wasn’t given the hosting job after Johnny Carson stepped down . I remember cringing when Crispin Glover was a guest and he was so drugged up. Crispin actually started kicking the air toward Dave. Dave walked off the show . Definitely that feeling of  watching  an accident happen . So many laughs . So many years . Good for him . I hope his new life is wonderful in whatever he does or just becoming Mr. Mom to his son. After so many years of craziness maybe some quiet is what he wants . Or not . Good Luck.

yesterday I helped at the San Diego bar. Leah asked me to help her get started on the far terminal .Exactly what I was worried about . No idea how to do this after several missed attempts . I called Chantel who has trained and been certified on Aloha systems . Literally it was Dumb and Dumber. ” ok Lil go on this screen. Shit that didn’t work ?. Ok try this “. Ten minutes it took us to figure this out. ” Leah go warm up some sake at Samurai Pie because after I figure this out I will need one”.


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I don't profess to know the NYC market, but someone is playing the stuff you don't like and you are a regular who spends cash. Perhaps management should look hard at limiting the available selection of songs so that the songs of the patrons who spend money are the only ones that can be accessed. I know that if certain music is played I always hear complaints from the bartenders that no-one is spending money so they aren't making any tips. With today's technology and a smart finance person, I am pretty sure that a crosswalk can be developed to determine the $'s rung per hour in relation to genre of music. If I owned Coyote, you bet your ass I would know that information.


Sorry, but I agree with Brian. Even if you put in a few "dollars" in the jukebox to play good rock or country music, it goes right back to pop and rap music again (at least the case at the NYC bar). Coyote started as a rock/country bar. This is a fact and this was what the regulars came to enjoy. Now, the numbers are much lower because the regulars are tired of hearing pop music crap. The last time I was at Coyote on a Sat night, I counted 7 patrons in the entire bar. It is not rocket science why Coyote was once a happening bar in NYC and now has hit absolute rock bottom. It needs to go back to the way it was back in 2006/2007 and earlier.


Brian - If the Coyote you frequent has like all I've been to and has a Jukebox; I suggest you take a quarter, put it in the hole and then hit play next. You can listen to whatever you want. I have played such stuff as classical, old school blues and classic rock and other stuff that is only played by myself at Coyote. Love my friends at Coyote and they can attest that I really don't care what anyone thinks of my music selection. Shots up Jazz, thanks for making it a hoot to go see you. NOLA bar rocks or on some days, we play the blues.


Sorry Lil I walked past Coyote and was scared to walk in then I did and was the worst thing I did sorry do not lilke hip hop