Lil Spill

May 17, 2015


Yesterday was a very sad day for our Coyote Ugly Family. Esther succumbed to her battle with cancer. She started at the Austin bar. Quickly became a trainer for us. She traveled all over the country helping us open bars. Beautiful on the inside and out. So young. Life isn’t always fair. So so sad. My gratitude today goes out to all the Austin staff and outside friends who stayed with Esther through the hard times and the incredible times. Thank You. Esther Rest in Peace.

The lovely bud, so young, so fair
Called off by earthly doom,
Just came to show how sweet a flower
In paradise could bloom

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Esther was a beautiful woman, beautiful soul and beautiful friend. She spent time training, teaching and loving many of our girls. She will be remembered as one of the 'true' Coyote's......she lived and breathed the Coyote culture for many years. She's part of our Coyote History..............she helped make us what we are today...................RIP and than you sweet beautiful Esther.

Shannon Meyers

I'm so sorry for the loss of one your beautiful girls . I didn't have the pleasure of meeting her. My heart and prayers go out to her family and all the Ciyote family who knew her. Much love from the Denver Mom


So Sad Gone young Age she was so pretty and beautiful from the pics above

Mama Terri

Esther will be greatly missed. I will always treasure my memories of partying in Austin with her. My heart goes out to all of the Coyote Family.

Sherri McFadden

I remember her. How sad and so young but she is dancing in Heaven. Sherri from Oregon

Donna Rea

so very sorry for your loss. Prayers to all.


Thoughts and prayers for all.