Lil Spill

May 15, 2015

Cooking classes! As we expand the need for food at our locations is becoming more and more essential. Kevin called this week and said that we really need to  take cooking classes so we can expand our menus with knowledge. Bam I am about to book Kevin, myself. and Daniel at a cooking school in Spain and one in France. I am super excited about this! A cooking vacation. Excellent.

Meeting some possible licensees from South Africa today. That would be a great trip.

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I'd definitely rather see a CU in Atlantic City, than in South Africa.

Mike Vito

Hi Lil, becarefull with South Africa, I have worked there for 10 years in that region. They are the most corrupt in the world, if you need more info let me know. Beware of dogs sign in South Africa. You all have nice day now.