Lil Spill

March 15, 2015

BAM!! One by one going through last night’s numbers and only 1 bar did not rock it. ( New Orleans ugh) Nashville the heavy hitter last night but Oklahoma City having the best night in a long time. Great job everyone. So happy!!

Last night I went to a fundraiser for a charity called ” Just in Time”. This charity helps foster kids who age out of the system. They turn 18 and they are just sent out there all alone with nothing. I heard some sad stories with a lot of happy endings because of this charity. People overcoming adversity. A wonderful evening. Well my wallet was out. I won two things at auction. 1. A 12 person texas hold em night that is catered at my home. I sam going to give this to my corporate staff when they are in SD. and 2. ( Don’t laugh). I bought 5 singing lessons. I asked the teacher (a former foster kid)  if we can do it as a group with a few Coyotes as well. Singing lessons has always been on my bucket list. Spent more then I wanted but it was for a good cause and I am excited to use my purchases.

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