Lil Spill

March 23, 2015

Key West is haunting me. URGH. ” Lil we are super short staffed. Lil the lease for the apartment is running out. Lil I just terminated the door guy for having Meth at the door.” Key West looks like a paradise. So beautiful . But an island filled with misfit people. I know I am generalizing , I am sure there are good people that live in Key West but let me assure you they are a very very small group. ” Lil none of the bouncers have teeth. Girls applied without teeth.” Drugs + addiction = bad teeth.   Costing us a damn fortune bringing in staff from other parts of the country.


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Mike Vito

Lil I have been to all the Coyote ugly bars in the USA, they all have unique style and unique people in there area. You have done a great a job building your business, you have traveled the world and beat many obstacles in your life. You are a kind soul Lil, but when will Liliana have peace. Lil + Coyote = Liliana. The only easy day was yesterday.