Lil Spill

March 18, 2015

The Austin bar is killing it! I love that. Go Austin. Key West had a good night. I got a call today about a girl leaving Key West saying she could not work for this crazy place . She took the first plane back to her home bar. I am not pleased with this.

I got myself a convertible. I love it!!! Like a kid in a candy store. The one worry was telling Jackson. All the years of bringing him to Buddhist Temples and volunteering helping people is now kicking me in the ass. The look of complete disapproval when he saw my car was exactly what I expected. Isn’t the goal for our children to be better then us? I have achieved that. He’s definitely better. So I received a convertible and on the same day he was asked to do two internships for the summer.  One at the special olympics organization and the other through the city of SD helping disabled children and elderly people with hearing loss. ( He knows sign language). The universe is now balanced.

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None of these girls exist!!! Are you high????? This bar is terrible. You obviously work for the bar. I encourage anyone to go to this piece of horse - crap bar and see for yourself.

Rick M.

Ugly girls......hmmm You must have missed Victoria Britney Angie Dallas. A few buddy's and myself come to town every couple months we love this damn bar

Mike Vito

I agree Frank, I live down the street from the New York bar, I am there almost everyday. I have been to all the coyote bars, I have notice they have lost their Coyote ugly MoJO. Lil I think you need to bring back the Coyote Charisma Kick Ass MoJO back. Better start praying for some Coyote Angels to come.


I think at this point most Coyote's are just living from the success of the movie. More posts on here are about running triathlons and the like than are about the bars.


I L.O.V.E the bar in Denver! I was there for 2 days & went back 6-8 times! Everyone was SO nice. Whenever I come back I will come back to this bar. Such a great experience!!


The coyote ugly bar in Denver blows ass. The girls are ugly and it's never busy. Romes Saloon is a thousand times better. You need to visit this Coyote and shape things up. I have been to the original Coyote in New York in the 1990s many times and always had a great time, but the Denver Coyote isn't even close. If you don't believe be Lil, visit yourself.

Sherri McFadden

I agree. I think you have done a good job raising him. Wish you would put up more pictures of him though.

Mike Vito

Lil, your a great parents, keep up the good job.


Your son seems like such a good kid from what is written on this site. kudos to you for your efforts.