Lil Spill

March 2, 2015

Went to Vegas with friends. Ended up at dinner with the retail director of NYNY. What a nice guy. ( Totally helps that the Vegas Coyote Ugly is doing well). We went out with this woman who is the GM of the Mandalay Bay properties. She took us to the Foundation Room and MIX after dinner. Talk about feeling old. I remember the Foundation Room as a more exclusive place where people had to be members to get in. This was definitely not exclusive. Other then our group there was no one older then 25 . MIX skewed a little older. Regardless ” Hey Lil let’s order another bottle.” It’s 3 am I am missing hours upon hours of beauty sleep. Bars kicked ass this weekend. NYC had a killer Friday, nice to see. Nashville kicking everyone’s ass on Saturday. Even Key West picking up speed.  I sent my friend’s son to Coyote Vegas with 4 Marine friends. They went very early so no shananagans .

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