Lil Spill

March 6, 2015

Bars rocking yesterday. Thanks Pabst for making NYC fun last night. Heading to the SD bar today.  Heading to Austin bar on Monday! Back to work.

Why do I sign up for these damn half marathons. I am already dreading the injuries I will have after Sunday’s race. But I know the SD staff is excited.

” Mom we will never speak of these things again.” That came after I explained to Jackson that I went for a colonic and what that entailed. I think in Jackson’s eyes I just reached a new crazy. I don’t care what anyone says you don’t feel great during or after colonic. During the colonic it feels like you constantly have to go number 2. The only fascinating part is watching what comes out. I know that might sound gross but you can’t stop watching. Supposedly I am extremely healthy according to what was in the tube. The woman walked into the room and gave me a foot rub about halfway through. There is absolutely nothing more torturous then someone speaking to you and having everyday conversation while getting a colonic. And afterwards you feel kind of sick. My stomach was off all night.

Had a Japanese potential licensee into the SD bar the other night. That would be fun. OK  time to get off my ass and head to gaslamp.

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Lil is playing it safe by discussing colonics..when she discusses religion and politics she is treading on dangerous ground.

Mike Vito

This is the free world, if Lil wants to talk about bullshit that's her privilege. Michael you want religion read a bible, you want politics watch CNN and Oprah. Peace out.


Colonics..way too much information I liked your blog better when you discussed religion and politics.

Mike Vito

Hi Sherri, the colonic does work. Your skin and body do feel better, Sherri you should give it a try. You want me to set you up with an appointment for treatment. You'll feel better hon. No gimmick. I get no commission.

Sherri McFadden

A Colonic? Really? C'mon Lil. That is just wrong. Stop falling for every gimmick that comes down the pike. Just sayin hon.

Mike Vito

NYC bar has been fun lately, bars seems less stress lately. Lil did you stop scaring the NYC bar lately. The colonic works, I used to get allergies. Since doing the colonic I no longer get allergies, but still allergic to women.