Lil Spill

January 15, 2015


A friend sent this to me! Lol this must be how my son feels. I laughed so hard!! Last night was the SF staff party. Very very nice people. And they love the bar which is so wonferful to see!
Now the rant. Yesterday I receive an email from Chantel and Daniel. NY ordered $18,000 in merchandise and over ordered inventory so they can’t cover payroll . Sorry Lil but we have to hold back your salary till Monday. I flipped!! And Daniel ” Lil no excuses I just need to vent to you “. VENT to someone who is getting their salary on Friday , NOT ME! Why order so much merch when that bar literally sells the least merch of any of the bars? I woke up pissed off.
Yesterday’s gratitude goes to my podiatrist . That beetle enzyme worked !!! My foot feels so much better . I will reserve today’s gratitude till I go through more of my day.

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The New York bar is a home away from home. I am not a regular there due to distance but have always felt comfortable there, regardless of what was going on. Any CU stuff I do buy I usually leave til I'm at NYC. Makes it sort of special.

Liliana Lovell

Bar is an old dive with the most regulars. New bars in tourist markets have bigger and more ability to store more merchendise


I would be asking myself why the original coyote sells the least merchandise. It is in a position to sell the most being the original.