Lil Spill

January 13, 2015


This family found Bonnie and kept her overnight. Those little girls are in love with her. So cute. Poor Bonnie is home with us now, bored. I think I will work out play dates with the little girls. By the way, Dinesti kicked butt at the gym today!!
Today has been filled with anniversary questions from a bunch of bars. Memphis anniversary is going to be awesome. Same with Denver’s. Just got the invitation for the San Diego bar’s 1 year. I can’t lie it looks lame. But hopefully they will surprise me. Jazz dropped the ball in New Orleans so she is scrambling to make something happen. NY is asking now too. Problem with NY is the bar is so small. Regardless, I can honestly say that Memphis and Denver’s parties will rock!!!!
Today’s gratitude goes out to Lee. Over the years we have had such a tumultuous relationship. He has a house full of girls now and has been reading books on how to communicate better with women. Well it is working because we communicate so much better now. !!! Keep the books coming. Love you Lee. Thank you for working so hard.

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