Lil Spill

January 21, 2015

Let the games begin . I am heading to New Orleans this weekend . I am super excited . Going to see friends. Going to run with our team at the half marathon . Going to have fun at the 13 year anniversary party. Now the glitch: ” Lil I scheduled you a new headshot on Saturday. Be prepared to use props.” Oh god I am already sick over this . I absolutely suck at getting my picture taken . Plus if it’s on Saturday I can’t drink to try and get through it because of the race the next day. Right now I am choking ( coughing ) after reading Lee’s last text . ” Lil please practice in front of the mirror before the shoot.” I can hear Daniel now. ” Lil I came to the last corporate shoot thin and Lee made me look fat. I can only imagine what he will do to your picture?”. Lee’s retort to Daniel on our last conversation about the ” you made me look fat” photo. ” no Daniel your gut made you look fat”. I am wearing my waist cincher as we speak . No fat here!
My gratitude today is to my new chiropractor. Wow I feel much better. Can’t wait to see our new dance on the New Orleans girls. Dinesti , Juliana, Ashley and I fixed it. I hope Chantel understood all the changes while she teaches the new girls!
My son is such a blessing. Last night we were downloading some of his favorite songs. He listens to music that plays behind his favorite web comic Homestuck. Most of the music is Classical music with crescendos up and down according to the action taking place in the comic. We had a ball listening to this classical music last night. He is so so intense , smart , and kind. I love him so much. First high school exam done =A

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