Lil Spill

January 13, 2015

Every time my exhusband has a date I end up with his dog for days. I woke this morning on day 2 of Cheeto babysitting and he has peed all over the damn house. Enough is enough!! I put the two dogs in the yard and went about my day. Worked out with Dinesti. Went to the bar to finish the new dance. ( which looks awesome) Went to eat afterwards. And then I came home. NO DOGs. Cheeto is back with his dad but Bonnie is no where to be seen. I am starting to get worried. It’s dark and she is not the brightest dog. She will never find her way back home. URGH!!
Today my gratitude goes to Cassie from Memphis. Her and I don’t have daily communication. In fact we probably don’t even speak once a month. My fault. She is GM of Memphis now but she was AM under Mac and he was always my direct contact. She works super hard and tonight I am trying to create a dialog for us to work together on the Memphis anniversary. I know that probably feels strange to her. But regardless, she works hard. She is kind and funny. And my gratitude goes to her knowing that this year I will try to forge a connection between us.

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