Lil Spill

January 11, 2015

Neighbor: ” hey Lil you want some coffee? I am on the wagon since I have been out every night since my last flight.( American Airlines pilot) By the way your bar was busy last night.”
Me: ” God I want your life. How many girls did you pick up this week?”
Neighbor ” Lil It’s not like that. I just meet women and enjoy their company.”
Me: ” I haven’t picked up a guy in a bar in years. Oh god, years!! I think I need to drink more! Fuck going on the wagon .”
Neighbor: ” Lil stop kidding around. You’re not that type. ”
When I write my memoirs I will let the readers judge what type I am or was.
Yesterday Mac and I did a 15k run , Dinesti and Julianna did a 5 k run. So proud of all of them. I want to give yesterday’s gratitude to Mac. He had never run that distance before and when he finished he had such a great attitude. ” Lil , I did great !I want to do the half marathon in New Orleans with you in 2 weeks. I followed the 13 minute mile pacer and I was awesome! ”
Every race I do I always beat myself up. Yesterday I was mad at myself because I slowed way down after the 6th mile. I finished the 9.5 miles ( 15k) in 1 hour and 34 minutes. I was hoping for 1:28. I went home and I couldn’t stop thinking about Mac’s attitude. He didn’t run fast but he was happy that he finished and it was so refreshing. He taught me something yesterday.Thank you Mac.
Today I went to the SD bar and worked with Dinesti, Julianna, and Ashley on one of our new songs. Another gratitude to the 3 girls for coming in on their day off to help tweak this dance. It’s so rewarding when I see and feel the love of staff toward their home bar. I have been blessed with such good people around me.

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