Lil Spill

January 8, 2015

Yesterday was an awesome day but there was one snafu that has bled into today. I went to a podiatrist to get my toe looked at. I have a plantar’s wart on my big toe ( Damn gym and the pool area). I hate even saying it. It grosses me out. So I went to this doctor and asked him to cut it out. ” Cutting out doesn’t guarantee that you get rid of it because it may grow back.” Shit. ” Well I think we should try something else. I want to inject your toe with Beetle Enzyme.” What the fuck? So apparently the common practice for this is injecting the site with this Blister Beetle enzyme. The body’s reaction to this enzyme is to create a blister. The blister helps to push the Plantar out and also create an immune response to fight both plantar and the blister. I can’t lie I was fascinated by this science. Yesterday it didn’t hurt at all and the doctor said ” Well it is going to hurt tomorrow.” Well I can barely walk today. It’s so gross. I just have to have faith that this science experiment is working. I signed Mac, Dinesti and myself up for a 15k run on Saturday. I hope my foot is better because I may have to switch to the 5k.
Today my gratitude is to Alexis in San Antonio. She just works super hard. She loves the company and she is a very wonderful mom. Thanks Alexis!!!

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