Lil Spill

December 3, 2014

I opened the San Diego log and I thought I was reading one of the much smaller bar’s logs. Oh god!! Horrible. It’s raining here . It’s not particularly cold but raining. It’s as if the 4 horsemen rode into town and people are awaiting armageddon. It’s just a little rain for god sakes. I have been running around like a crazy person. Tomorrow I land late in Nashville. Big 10 year anniversary party. Then Friday off to Key West for the triathlon with some of the staff. There is not 1 bike on that island for rent. So I will go up to the olympic distance and just swim and run. A lot going on in our world. Phoenix has stalled but we are negotiating in Seattle. It would be nice to have a lease signed before the end of the year!

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Lil, according to the National Weather Service, San Diego only reports 41 days of measurable rain a year. So, although I think Rodo's suggestion is well intentioned and is likely a good one for a high rain climate like your proposed location in Seattle, I think you should push the numbers to prove a projected payback in San Diego. For example - if the awning costs $50K and you only net an additional $100 per day when it rains, it will take you some 12.2 years for the investment to payback. A return that is likely below your weighted average cost of capital.


Liliana an idea! Does the San Diego bar have an awning over the front of the bar? If not there is no place a potential new patron can take shelter from the rain. And then a very nice bouncer can invite them in from the cold as well. (And of cause from the horsemen.)