Lil Spill

December 1, 2014

Took Jackson on his “first” driving lesson. When he got behind the wheel he was familiar with checking the mirrors and setting the chair. ” Jackson did Dad take you out driving ?”. ” No mom Trey took me.” WTF? Jackson was only 13 when we dated. Well I doubt Jackson will ever forget his mom’s crazy ex boyfriend.
I have had to rent a car . Something with my keyless ignition is shorting the battery. The car I am renting is a Fiat 500c. I figured a cheap car. Good for Jackson to learn in. When I get him a car I told him, cheap and energy efficient. Definitely a used car. I thought the fiat would be a good test. Well my friend John said ” A fucking Fiat. You are setting him up for failure. He needs a truck.” Is that a man thing? What about the damn environment? What about all the parallel parking with a truck? I have been up all night because of the ” Fucking Fiat” comment!


  1. Good one Lil. Lots of material to work with.
    Fiat 500. Yes, if you’ve got a bubble ass, a cute smile, long blond hair and do justice to Daisy Dukes. For a guy you’ll find his mates giving him old oily rags so he wont run out of gas. Dare I say it – Fiat 500’s are girl cars.
    Maybe you could get him a VW (like the one you had) and a double garage where he could pull it apart and play with it. Maybe drop in a Porsche engine.
    My first driving instructor was a trucker. He taught me lots of good stuff like steering with my knees in case I needed both hands to roll one. And how to avoid using the clutch and other really useful stuff.

  2. Has crossed my mind. But what the hell. I’m enjoying it, you seem to be having fun. And Lil’s comments are what you would expect from a worth barmaid.
    I also wonder if we have ‘readers only’. If we do would you please join the prattling or just say ‘hello’.

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