Lil Spill

September 3, 2014

My phone rang today and a familiar name came up . ” Michael Nashville AM” . I answered the phone ” oh no” poor Michael will never live down the sand debacle at the Fort Lauderdale bar. ” you paid to put a ton of sand on the fucking floor of the bar? Really you paid ?” Thank god with time Michael has become a really great AM.
Slow day on the work front. A few big decisions coming up. But all positive. I keep on getting asked questions about the Ukraine bar. Very hard situation.
I must be pms. I just baked cookies and made homemade candles.
Calendar cover picked! Really hard decision.
My fridge went out last week. I bought a new one from best buy and paid extra for next day delivery , install, and uninstall of old one. It’s Wed and my new fridge has been sitting in my living room since Saturday. The incessant beeping of the old one is driving me to eat everything in the fridge so I can pull the damn plug. Urgh

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