Lil Spill

March 15, 2014

San Diego rocking last night. God I am getting older, there were a ton of marines in the bar and they looked so young. ( Yes we check all their IDs). A girl got on the bar last night with skin tight spandex/satin pants. I couldn’t tell if she was in costume for a disco night or if by some weird phenomena those style pants are making a comeback! Lord have mercy. Allison is freaking phenomenal on the mic. And Haley is so comfortable up there. All the girls did great. I swear I can do a 12 month calendar with just the San Diego girls. So gorgeous.
Austin Bam! Kicking everyone’s butt. I love SXSW!
So I arrived Thursday afternoon and went straight to my new house in San Diego. I walked in the door and the place was a disaster. Mac’s Air Jordans were all over the house. He hadn’t vacuumed . Food Crumbs all over. Big Gulps and crappy soda drinks everywhere. It took me two hours to clean up the kitchen. I was pissed. My text to him was simple ” Get your shit out of my house now!” Mac landed in a proverbial shit storm this weekend. When I landed on Thursday I received a call from Kevin. ” Mac is dipping and spitting on the patio. It’s disgusting.” So Kevin came down on him. Then I came down on him. Last night when Lee and I were in the bar he was having withdrawals from not being allowed to dip. LOL. Good . Who in their right fucking mind stays in their boss’s house and leaves it a wreck? LOL. Ok on a good note, Mac is an extremely hard worker so at least he’s got that!

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