Lil Spill

March 19, 2014

Work, taxes, p&l’s . Work, taxes, P&l’s Every day flows to the next. I need to go back to the 21 days of gratitude.
OK today I am grateful for Dr. Ky’s daughter. Dr. Ky is my new age chiropractor. And his daughter is an acupuncturist at his practice. Today I went for acupuncture. I don’t know if it worked but she put me on this table called the Soqi table. You lay under infrared thermal light while your ankles lie on this massager. The massager shakes your ankles vigorously. This inturn makes most of your body shake. I don’t know why I loved this machine but I did. The light is supposed to help with detox and the shaking motion revitalizes your CHI. Thanks Dr Ky’s daughter!
This is my week of wellness. I went to a doctor yesterday who specializes in vascular conditions. They had found a couple of veins that had valves that were refluxing ( blood flowing backwards) . So I needed an ultrasound. Before I went for the ultrasound I needed to fill out a questionnaire . Primarily normal questions until the last page. How often do you go tanning? How frequently do you go tanning? Do you go spray tanning? What kind of spray tanning facility do you go to? I just didn’t answer these questions. The receptionist stood up and asked me in a very loud voice all these questions since I didn’t fill this section in. I swear I felt like I was being grilled by the police. She drilled me until finally I said ” OK I got a spray tan a year ago for my friend’s wedding and I looked orange so I have never gone back.” She then sat down and said ” really you never go tanning?” ” No. Isn’t it bad for you?” Weird.
After this questioning I received the ultrasound and they found some issues. The nurse sat down with me to go over the vein ablation procedure and verify that insurance pays for it. I then asked her ” Is there something I should change in my lifestyle to help prevent this? Should I lessen my running? The doctor said that birth control pills are a factor, should I switch to an alternate birth control method? Should I be worrying about my nutrition? The look on this woman’s face was of complete shock. I said “ma’am if this is a disease , how can I help maintain my heath?” DUMBFOUNDED the nurse said this, ” Miss Lil, People come here for cosmetic reasons and if they find real insufficiencies in the veins then they are happy because its paid for by insurance and not out of pocket. No one has ever come here for their actual health .”

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Liliana! A question. Do you watch old Marx Brothers movies? Why I ask, they used to do routines like the one you described.