Lil Spill

March 16, 2014

I couldn’t be happier with all the bars ( except New Orleans). At 10 pm central time the lead bars were San Antonio, Milwaukee , Austin, NY, and San Diego. The managers were hustling to beat the other bars. By closing time San Diego was the victor. San Diego , San Antonio and Austin crushed everyone . But really all the bars did phenomenal . The race is back on today with Key West in the lead and NY second ! Daniel is working down in Key West . He wants to win , lol

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Happy 21 Lil!, 153 1St Ave NYNY was my first CU I ever went to. It remains my most visited and my favourite! New Orleans, Denver, Memphis and St Petersburg are all equally second. And I hope to add to that list. A tip to anyone attending a CU. Go without expectations and you’ll always come away smiling and stunned.


My first experience at CU was in Charlotte NC a few years ago. What a fantastic night!!! The girls were hot and the drinks were great! My friends and I were recently in Nashville and visited the CU there (March 15, 2014). I had raved so much about my experience that they wanted to go. Boy what a disappointment. The girls were not hot, not even cute- one looked like a man, another looked like she just came out of a crack house and another fresh from 7th grade. Oh and the drinks were watered down. I do hope you all revisit the girls you have there.