Lil Spill

March 11, 2014

A date came to pick me up at my apartment the other day. Jackson answered the door and introduced himself. He then went into the most unusual grilling session I have ever witnessed.
Jackson: If you could teleport anywhere in the world whenever you wanted but you had to choose 1 location that could never change, where would it be?
Date: My moms
Jackson: Are you religious? If you believe in heaven and hell regardless of what the religious implications are , what would your heaven look like and what would your hell look like?
Date: uh
Jackson: What was the wildest thing you did when you were 14?
Date: Cut school with my friends.
Jackson: What was the worst punishment you ever got when you were 14?
Date: Getting caught by my mom cutting school and getting whipped by her in front of my friends.
Jackson: Do you enjoy the sciences? If so , please elaborate .

This was hysterical. I could see the beads of sweat canvassing my date’s forehead . A priceless moment.

Bam Wrestlemania at the Denver anniversary party! Awesome.

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Jackson is not a young man he's a cleaver young man! His questions are interesting.


I have been to the memphis bar 3 times now, the las vegas bar once and the nashville bar once. Each time I have had a great time except for this past experience in Memphis. I took my husband there tonight for his first time and I was sad to see how it has gone done the shitter. There was absolutely NO toilet paper in any of the stall in the bathroom. Thank goodness I had something in my purse. There was garbage scattered all over the ground outside in the bar. The bar stools in the outside bar looked like they were pulled out of a dump. I was literally sitting on 4 pieces of wood. I was very disappointed. We stayed for only 1 drink and left. It was my husbands birthday and we planned on being there for a couple of hours. We will never return to that bar again. Whoever is running that bar needs a good swift kick in the ass. These bars have your "name" on them. Hopefully something can be done about it. It was by far the worst bar we were in on Beale St. We are leaving here on Thursday and heading to New Orleans. We were planning on stopping at your bar there but after this experience, we won't be wasting our time. Hopefully, something can be done about the Memphis bar before you anniversary party there. I am a manager of a bar in Wisconsin so I have a tendency to look above and beyond. Didn't have to look to far to see there are many flaws here in Memphis. Good luck to you and the staff in Memphis.