Lil Spill

March 6, 2014

Hate hearing about all the violence in the Ukraine. The Kiev bar reopened but it’s struggling. A complete mess over there.
On a positive note the Key West bar is kicking it into high gear! I love to see those numbers.
New Orleans anniversary party is on Sunday. That’s always a two day hangover. I got nothing else. I am emotionally ready to move to SD. First week of June and Jackson and I will be there.
Daniel called today.. ” blah blah NY, Blah blah Key West, blah blah, Austin… ” He’s like the grim reaper. ” Lil I will be down in Keywest the second week of spring break. I will sleep on the floor at our old head of security’s apartment.” Ok just know that when i go there I will stay in a nice cozy hotel.
Chantel and I are starting to freak about the Olympic distance triathlon on March 30th. Going to a chiropractor tomorrow because half my body is completely cramping up every time I run. May be time to join the yoga olympics and give up all this craziness.

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Regarding the violence in the Ukraine. When I was a child I grew up in a semi rural area, unsewered and in the 50's. Until you could install a septic tank system the local council provided a “pan service”. As a young lad the pans of this service was referred to as a poo tin. I now know why, as a young lad, this concept was formed in my mind and why it has lasted so long. There is a relationship!