Lil Spill

March 1, 2014

Holy crap should I take a pedicab to the french quarter today? All I want to do is go to my bar and have a few beers. It’s a complete hassle to get there because you can’t drive with all the parades rolling. ” Universe I want a delicious beer at my bar!”
San Antonio and San Diego rocked last night. New Orleans did alright but I was hoping for higher numbers.
My life is going to hell in a hand basket. I need a personal life pronto this is f ridiculous.
I can’t install the “small slotted cup” into my kinetic trainer. I just wrote the company an email. ” I know I may be an idiot but I have to assume other customers are idiots too. Why didn’t you install this cup in the factory?”
Ok I will shower and walk to my bar 3 miles away. Not far but still a hassle .

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