I sent Lee to Key West to bring some life through art to the bar. Key West has live roosters walking all over the island so he decided to paint a rooster as a side addition to the skin board art he also designed. This rooster looks incredible. I was laughing so hard when he called me yesterday. ” Lil this has taken me 17 hours. 8 hours to create the design and lay it out and 9 hours to actually paint it. WTF.” I love it!!!
Mardi Gras kicks off with the New Orleans bar opened 24 hours a day for the next 5 days! bamIMG_2525

In our company everyone knows of Daniel as extremely cheap. Jazz priced out some extra security cameras to provide more surveillance before mardi gras. She texted both of us asking permission. I said yes. 4 hours later Daniel said No because he can do it much cheaper. ” Daniel, We are about to go into our busiest week of the year. You are actually on vacation right now in Colorado so you can’t come here to do it. And don’t you think factoring in the airfare for your ticket it is actually cheaper to put the cameras in now?”
” Daniel , I will already apologize because I sent Lee down to redecorate the Key West bar and you know nothing Lee does is cheap.”
Bars are on fire now!!
I am having my guy moment. I ordered custom rims for my car. It took 8 weeks for them to get made but today they are finally getting placed on my car . Not only am I super excited but I feel this need to wear a cocktail dress so I look good when I get into my car.
” Please universe let all this spending stop! Give me a little of Daniel’s cheap genes. Between the new house and the rims I have spent a fortune.” MIDLIFE crisis please stop. The shopping and The Half Ironman training are taking over my life. Thank god my kid keeps me grounded. By the way he got his dad’s cheap gene so thankfully I don’t have that to worry about.
Did I report that I sat next to Lisa Nicholls , the motivational speaker, on the plane.

You are F kidding me!! How the fuck did the new audio system jump in price from $5000 to $10,000 by adding one freaking speaker? This is an outrage!! The bars rocked this weekend but I have woken up to many negative issues today. 1. Milwaukee, blah, 2. Exhusband bitching about the New Orleans building. 3. Lee in Key West. ” why the hell is the lighting so bad? Why did someone authorize this?” 4. Milwaukee again. 5. Going to round out the day with a Vegas conference call. Oh fuck I am late for it! crap

This is what you learn when managers live at your house. Especially male managers. 1. They will leave food in the fridge for months without throwing it out. 2. They lie straight in the face of my wonderful assistant and pretend they will dispose of the cardboard boxes and also pretend they will take some boxes to good will. 3. They don’t use sheets to create less laundry.
The cool personal stuff I just learned is Mac’s obsession with Air Jordans. He has probably 50 pairs that he purchases on line as a collector. He will wait until 6 am to purchase a rereleased vintage pair. He takes out the tissue paper because it yellows the sneakers and he will keep some pairs in the freezer. Interesting

The Kiev bar had to close yesterday because all the riots. The staff isn’t safe riding the subway or simply leaving their house. It’s such a horrible situation.
Bam Denver kicked ass last night!! We have a program on our phones that let us view the sales for each bar. At about ten o’clock West coast time San Antonio was slightly in the lead with Denver and NY following. We sent a text to Marsha ( San Antonio GM) and Mac ( San Diego GM) and told them that Denver was going to crush them. Marsha is very competitive so I know she tried to push the staff a bit harder. Within 1 hour Denver had blown by all the bars. Awesome!!!
Daniel , Tommy and I drinking wine at my new house last night. Fun

” There’s a sucker born every minute.” The National Geographic channel had a show that featured a pastor who trapped snakes and used them in his services. His claim was that a person who believed in god and was anointed by god would not get killed by a snake. Did people actually watch this show? How many dumb asses watched the show and in hopes that they were” anointed by god” actually tried to handle a snake and got bitten? The pastor of course died of a snake bite. Let me guess, his children will carry on the snake gathering and torturing tradition, in the name of the lord.
(CNN) — A Kentucky pastor who starred in a reality show about snake-handling in church has died — of a snakebite.
Jamie Coots died Saturday evening after refusing to be treated, Middleborough police said.
On “Snake Salvation,” the ardent Pentecostal believer said that he believed that a passage in the Bible suggests poisonous snakebites will not harm believers as long as they are anointed by God. The practice is illegal in most states, but still goes on, primarily in the rural South.
Coots was a third-generation “serpent handler” and aspired to one day pass the practice and his church, Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus Name, on to his adult son, Little Cody.
The National Geographic show featured Coots and cast handling all kinds of poisonous snakes — copperheads, rattlers, cottonmouths. The channel’s website shows a picture of Coots, goateed, wearing a fedora. “Even after losing half of his finger to a snake bite and seeing others die from bites during services,” Coots “still believes he must take up serpents and follow the Holiness faith,” the website says.
On Sunday, National Geographic Channels spokeswoman Stephanie Montgomery sent CNN this statement: “In following Pastor Coots for our series Snake Salvation, we were constantly struck by his devout religious convictions despite the health and legal peril he often faced.
“Those risks were always worth it to him and his congregants as a means to demonstrate their unwavering faith. We were honored to be allowed such unique access to Pastor Jamie and his congregation during the course of our show, and give context to his method of worship. Our thoughts are with his family at this difficult time.”
In February 2013, Coots was given one year of probation for crossing into Tennessee with venomous snakes. He was previously arrested in 2008 for keeping 74 snakes in his home, according to National Geographic. Tennessee banned snake handling in 1947 after five people were bitten in churches over two years’ time, the channel says on the show site.
On one episode, Coots, who collected snakes, is shown trying to wrest a Western diamondback out of its nook under a rock deep in East Texas. He’s wearing a cowboy hat and a T-shirt that says “The answer to Y2K – JESUS.”
The pastor is helped by his son and a couple of church members.
“He’ll give up, just sooner or later,” one of the members says. “Just be careful. Ease him out.”
The group bags two snakes, which a disappointed Coots says hardly justifies the trip to Texas.
“Catching two snakes the first day, ‘course we’d hoped for more,” Coots says in the video. “We knew that the next day we was gonna have to try to hunt harder and hope for more snakes.”

The Bars have been rocking. ( except Key West. need to kick that bar into gear) I will also say that I was disappointed in the New Orleans numbers since they have the all-star game and the first Mardi Gras parade this weekend.
It’s official Chantel and I are registered for the New Orleans Triathlon Olympic distance, March 30th. Damn ironman videos. It looks so great to finish. The beautiful histories of these people and how they overcome adversity and finish the ironman. Damn pr companies luring me in. Yes Chantel and I are going to do our first half ironman in Augusta georgia too. Poor Chantel gets pulled into my craziness ( she’s crazy too). I am definitely going to sign us up. THOSE VIDEOS just ate at me. ” If the one armed women with osteoporosis can do a full ironman why can’t I do a half”? I am an idiot but now that I said it, it will happen. Everyone is worried about the swim. I am actually more worried about the bike in Augusta. Fucking clip ins on hilly terrain!
Enough about that. Valentines weekend went well.
OKC had a haters ball that did phenomenally well. If you don’t have a special valentine then go down to Bricktown and get loaded. lol (Of course you are not getting too loaded and will have a designated driver. )
Darren Sharper. The mind of a sexual deviant. Good looking , sports analysts, former nil player yet he drugs and rapes women. Unbelievable

One of my former Austin bartenders, Esther has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. I am so sad to hear that. Gorgeous, beautiful, smart. My thoughts are with you Esther.Her picture is all over the walls of almost every Coyote in the world.

I am not traveling this week. Makes me feel lazy. Have to do massive amounts of paperwork for the state of Nevada. urgh. Last time I had to get my ex-inlaws to sign paperwork. I am dreading that. “please universe let the elapsed time of divorce be long enough so I don’t have to contact them.”
This weather is bringing me down. I am taking all calls in my pjs under the covers today. We need to redo bar in Key West. The back room is useless and I keep getting complaints about the mic.
When I was a kid, I would make myself a hot chocolate when I was feeling down. Perhaps I will do that now. I bet a little baileys will help with that too. LOL That involves getting out of my PJs to purchase the Baileys so that’s not happening.
On an up note, Mexico City is gearing to open in April!

I woke up this morning to two pictures from Mac. One showed Samurai Pie . Every Seat was taken with people enjoying our pizza. ( In fact we sold every single slice. Had to close when the dough ran out.) The other picture was the line down the block for Coyote Ugly San Diego. I couldn’t be happier with our performance.

Opening went incredibly well. The staff did an incredible job. Thanks to all the veteran girls and BMFs. Great job. The San Diego staff did great as well. I am really impressed by everyone. BAM SAMURAI PIE rocked!!! At one point there was a line to order pizza. I couldn’t be happier wityh how things went. My flight this morning was canceled. Mac and I hit the gym. Now I have to figure out how to get home to my little ( not so little boy).IMG_2382tntIMG_2405-1IMG_2401